This is our opportunity to work together and rid the world of orphan diseases and other medical challenges. 

Using PPM, KYAN invites everyone to participate in the effort to battle pediatric cancers, dangerous infections that plague the world, and other diseases that we can bring to an end.


It's simple. After KYAN identifies a suitable orphan or pressing indication to pursue, we will harness PPM to develop individualized patient regimens or identify optimized drug combinations in a matter of months, as opposed to years. The reduced costs, eliminated risk, and accelerated development timeline makes crowdfunding a viable strategy to achieve real timely impact in the clinic. 

KYAN will not patent its findings associated with these studies, and will publish all findings in a peer-reviewed journal. COLLABORATE.MEDICINE supporters will be acknowledged in the publications.

KYAN will then identify foundations, healthcare providers, corporate partners, and additional philanthropic entities to participate in scaling new regimens and co-developing novel therapies, utilizing the PPM platform from initial clinical validation all the way through approval.